IUG Launches Solar Energy Lighting System Project

09 - Jan - 2017

IUG has celebrated the project aiming at providing  science labs with lightening system using solar energy. The project, which was funded by the Gulf States GCC program for the Reconstruction of the Gaza Strip and the Islamic Development Bank – Jeddah, and implemented by the Islamic Relief, is considered the largest in the Gaza Strip to use solar energy to generate power electricity.

The ceremony was attended by Chairman of the IUG Board of Trustees, Prof. Nasr Id-Deen Mzaini, IUG President Prof. Adel Awadallah, Eng. Fathi Sheikh Khalil, Head of the Palestinian Energy Authority, IUG faculty staff, stakeholders and guests.

Vital project

For his part, Prof. Al-Mzaini welcomed the attendees  and confirmed that the project is vital it provides an option and a model to be followed to compensate at least partially for the severe lack of electricity in Gaza Strip. He also expressed IUG readiness to cooperate with energy authority, stakeholders and media to guide people to the best energy production and consumption. . Moreover, he expressed his hope that the project will be a new start for using renewed  energy sources.

New Solutions

 Prof. Adel Awadallah  pointed out that electricity is strongly related to all life aspects in Gaza strip, and that there must be long-term solutions  for the chronic electricity problem. He also thanked the Energy Authority for its technical help and praised IUG specialists' efforts for the success of the project.

Perfect Model

Dr. Nizam Al- Ashqar, Dean of IUG Faculty of Science, confirmed that the faculty basically depends on electricity. He also said, ''for this reason, the Faculty of Science hosted  this project despite its high costs, as the long-term benefits are high.'', and he considered the project as a perfect model for other institutions working in the same field.

Economic Efficiency and Balance

Eng. Sheikh Khalil pointed out that the project is the biggest of its type, and that the Energy Authority aims at harmony between economic efficiency and energy balance.It is worth mentioning  that the project providing lighting and other electricity-based for the science faculty building.