Workshop at IUG about Integrated Coastal Zone Management

13 - Nov - 2016

Academics and Participants in a workshop held by IUG Palestinian Excellence Centre for Marine Sciences and Coastal Management, confirmed the need of creating partnerships with international institutions to find solutions for coasts' problems in Gaza Strip. They also called for treating wastewater of hospitals and other institutions before pumping it to the sea as 50% people who go to the see, return homes with pains and infections.

The workshop entitled, "Integrated Coastal Zone Management" was held by IUG Palestinian Excellence Centre for Marine Sciences and Costal Management, in collaboration with the Swedish Gutenberg University, and Niras Institution, and with support of SIDA. The workshop was held in translation hall at IUG Conference Centre with participation of, Prof. Abdel Raouf Almnaamh, vice President of Research and Postgraduate Studies at IUG,  Prof. Sameer A'afeifi Director of the Center for Environmental and Rural Studies at IUG Faculty of Sciences., Dr. Mazen AbuAt-Taif, a Member at IUG faculty of Engineering, Dr. Mohamed Aleilh- Urban and Regional Planning Specialist in the Environment Quality Authority, Eng. Rebhi Ashaikh, Representative of Water Authority, Eng. Shfeeq Al- A'arawi, Representative of Agriculture Authority un addition to a group of specialists and researchers.

Prof. Al-Manama said that 50% of people of Gaza are children and they are mostly affected by the wastewater in the see. He also emphasized that bringing animals to the see is a real danger threatening sea visitors.

On his part, Dr. A'afeifi talked about the importance of integration between the Palestinian institutions for costal Management. He also called for sending invitations foreign experts, and trainees to the Western countries in order to get experience.

On his part, Dr. Aleilh said that Sida is a program for constant development in Jordan, Egypt, Palestine, and Tunisia. He also talked about Barcelona agreement, and expressed his hope of Palestine's participation in this agreement.

Eng. Ashaikh also talked about constructing a station for Seawater desalination, while  Eng. Al- A'arawi talked about the role of agriculture in Costal Zones development.