The Faculty of Science of the leading colleges in the Islamic University and the Palestinian homeland, was founded to meet the diamond need for specialists and researchers interested in the academic, scientific and practical and professional training generations of academics, teachers and professionals and owners of scientific and practical expertise in multiple sectors; To keep up with the latest science in various branches in all aspects of the world. The Faculty of Science has evolved to meet the needs of the local community as well as carrying out the academic process that meet the desire of students in different disciplines.
follows the Faculty of Science of some centers and units which contribute to the communicating with the local community and solve environmental problems, health and developmental an environmental studies center, rural and food analysis laboratory and laboratory poisons, drugs and energy laboratory and laboratory genetics.
And Faculty of Science offers advisory services and scientific institutions-governmental organizations and the local community.

Community faculty service centers:
* Center for Environmental Studies and rural.
*Food Analysis Laboratory.
*Poison and Drug Laboratory.
* Energy Laboratory.

Scientific advice:
The provision of scientific advice in various areas such as emergency diseases (Avian influenza - swine flu), national products and industries, medical and chemical analysis.

Community Service and National Industries:
.  Production of carbon dioxide essential ingredient in the manufacture of water Azah solving national problem our factories in this area after the banning supplied by occupation.
.  Proposal for the production of fuel and biogas during the crisis to prevent the arrival of fuel and gas.
.   Producing bacteria anti-mosquitoes in large quantities and used widely to combat mosquitoes and effectively.
.   Offering different courses in the fields of industry and health (the formation of glass - the detergent industry - the cosmetics industry - the training of personnel in government laboratories on advanced methods in medical analysis - fish farming - water quality.

Days that meet the needs of the scientific community and culture and issues:
.  Held today scientific knowledge niche faith.
.  Held lectures about bird flu and swine.
.   scientific held today on the Wadi Gaza and the impact of gravel extraction on the environment of the valley .

Agreements and partnerships:
.   A cooperation agreement with the Federation of Chemical Industries.
.  Cooperation agreement with Allied Medical Professions Syndicate.
.   A cooperation agreement with the Ministry of Justice for the analysis of toxins and drugs.
.  A cooperation agreement with the Ministry of Health.