Faculty plans

First purpose:
Science seeks to be the first faculties at the level of the Faculties of Science Palestinian and Arab through the development of education to obtain a bachelor's degree phase.
The first objective
Meet the needs of the local community and through the promotion of Arab academic programs for undergraduate and master's according to international quality standards.
   Follow up the implementation of of the plans modern academic programs of the Faculty of Science in line with the developments that serve
community growth.
.  Expand the use of modern technologies in the educational process.
.   Sessions for the development of academic staff at the college.
.  Rely on scientific references authentic and modern teaching and make it available to students.
.  To encourage the days of scientific symposia and conferences in the college sections.
.   Work on the scholarship to obtain master's and doctorate from the prestigious universities
.   providing specialized teaching staff of holding advanced degrees.
.   Coordination of extracurricular activities (field visits, public lectures, attend workshops, scientific conferences both internal and external, scientific journals.
.   put of a comprehensive evaluation of the performance of departments and address the some of the causes that lead to the asceticism of students in certain disciplines.

 Second purpose
Science seeks to play a leading role in supporting and upgrading the knowledge and science at the local and regional levels.
The first objective
Development of scientific research tool and its programs according to international standards and to serve the community conditions.
..   Encourage researchers to publish their research in international journals.
.   Directing the Faculty of Science scientific new prospects for developmental in the fields of theoretical and applied to contribute to finding solutions to the problems of the community health, environmental and agricultural
.   Open prospects of joint cooperation between the local and overseas researchers and participation in research groups both internally and externally.
.   Encourage researchers to participate in scientific conferences and study days local and global.
The Second
Promotion and development of graduate programs according to international standards and the development of new programs.
.  Support Masters and undergraduate students to work messages Master and distinctive research.
.   Directing theses to serve the needs of the local community.
.  Work on the dissemination of research completed post-graduate students in scientific journals.
.   Strengthen graduate programs distinctive academic cadres and means appropriate educational and research.

The Third  purpose
Faculty of Science is  seeking to strengthen its position in the development of the society that are leading to keep pace with the needs of the community and to build its capacity and development.
The first objective

Strengthen community service programs that meet their needs.
.  strengthen the role of the Center for Environmental Studies and rural community service by expanding its services to the public and private sector.  
.  Continue to work in medical laboratories to serve the public.
.   Upgrading workers in various disciplines.
.   Strengthen cooperation between specialists and professors of different media to discuss the events of local and global scientific.


The Fourth purpose

Science is seeking to advance the its performance through the promotion of institutional administrative level.
The first objective

Strengthen the trend towards decentralization in the management of the various sections of their affairs.
.  Strengthening the role of departments in developing their own academic policies and involvement in public Faculty plans.
.   Give the right section to develop a detailed plan of its own clear goals and strategies in line with the general plan for Faculty.
.  Strengthening the role of head of department and the department in the decision in the light of public policy at the Faculty
The Second objective
Development of administrative policies in Faculty and departments in line with modern management systems.
.  Adoption of the principle of quality plans, programs and performance.
.    Use existing computing system at the university is widely.
.   Work on consistency and harmony between the sections and Dean.
.   Form working groups and specialized committees and distribute administrative tasks to contribute to the implementation of programs and Faculty events.
.   Prepare a program for the development of administrative performance through various sessions for academics and technicians.
.   mitigate burdens on the heads of departments to help in the development of their departments.
The Third objective
Facilitate all administrative means to get out of the the current crisis of the lack scientific laboratories after the Israeli occupation has destroyed Faculty laboratories.

.   Contributing with the university administration to solve the problem of laboratories in terms of numbers, equipment and supplies.
.   The formation of a working group composed of representatives of departments to monitor needs and assist the bodies responsible for providing.
.   Formation of a committee supervisors in Faculty laboratories to maintain the integrity of the existing possibilities and facilitate the work of the laboratory.
.   Development of new proposals to help in the completion of processing laboratories.
. Contribute to the planning for the new science laboratory building.


The Fifth purpose
Faculty of Science is working to facilitate services for students and staff, and by contributing to the construction of the university environment.
The first objective

Database development services for teachers and staff and expanded.

.   Pay teachers of the Faculty of Science and employees to adopt the computerized system.
.   Provide advice and guidance and to express an opinion on the quality and appropriate university facilities.
.   Review the needs of teachers of the University Services.
.   Providing electronic library at the Faculty serving all sections.
.   Development of the Faculty and the page fed all Faculty programs.
.   Upgrading administrative and academic teachers.
The Second objective
Database development and expansion of student services.
.  Push students to use e-services.
.  Expand the circle of e-learning for students and through the adoption of electronic teachers for programs available.
.  Calendar league to the level of services provided to university students.
.   Increase cultural and sports programs and diversification.
.  Strengthening the role of science clubs and facilitate their activities and involvement in the activities of the Faculty.


The Sixth purpose
Faculty of Science is seeking to support programs in order to achieve financial stability.
The first objective

Find sources of support.

.   Activate support programs and local and international follow-up to support the students.
.  Follow-up programs and local and foreign institutions to support higher education institutions.
.  encourage and marketing joint ventures with research and academic institutions, local and global.
The Second objective
Increased reliance on self-financing.

.   Development Activity Center for Environmental Studies and rural areas and expand services.
.  Development of medical laboratory tests and expand its services.
.  Develop an action plan for new projects within the framework of the Faculty disciplines.
.   Marketing advisory services in the scientific and developmental aspects of the community.


The Seventh purpose
Faculty of Science is is seeking attention graduates and followed to ensure their work.
The first objective

Upgrading graduates and provide them with work.

.   Communication with alumni through meet them.
.  Study the conditions of graduates in the labor market.
.  Development of graduates.
.  Provide graduates with research expertise and practical.
.   Open channels of communication with the various institutions and ministries in order to train and marketing graduates.
.  Careful to hire top graduates and distinguished .
.  Involvement of graduates in scientific activities held by the Faculty.