Established the Department of Physics with the birth of the Islamic University and specifically the year 1980, where it is one of the oldest sections of the Faculty of Science The department started by two members of PhDs and another holds a master's degree and Instructor,Now, after nearly twenty-eight years is available in the Department of Physics( 12) qualified academics with doctorate degrees, (3) Professor, and (5) Associate Professor, and (4) AssistantProfessorThe section also features a number (11) academics hold a master's degree, and (5) of the teaching assistants who hold a bachelor's ,Section has seen during its three decades remarkable developments represented in this study plans, and development laboratories, and the opening of a graduate program, and attract scientific talent to work in the department. The updated study plans were adopted to meet the needs of the labor market,And the adoption of international standards and curricula used in the universities, and the development of laboratories has been updated to the laboratories and the development of a number of advanced specialty laboratories, bringing the number of laboratories department to 9 highly equipped laboratories. The primary objective of this laboratory is to establish the theoretical concepts that are taught in the various courses through testing process within these laboratories. Proceeding from the fact that the graduate of the main pillars of development in terms of encouraging scientific research has decided the department opening master's program in the academic year 1998 - 1999 Aware of what this program of importance to the Gaza Strip, especially the beloved Palestine General terms This program helps in the preparation of scientific personnel capable of participate in the promotion of local industries and regional as well as to put an infrastructure for scientific center heading towards payment scientific research forward. The department continuously develops itself by attracting scientific talent and sending some of its members to international universities, and looks forward section in future plans to open a doctoral program.