Mathematics Department aims to develop and improve the Palestinian cadres through the provision of excellent higher education for the students joining the program, in order to give them the necessary scientific knowledge and scientific thinking skills. The sub-main objectives of the program can be detailed as follows:

1-   To provide teachers for the primary and secondary schools, prepared academically, professionally and culturally.
2-   To qualify students with the ability to implement scientific researches, so as to be able to pursue higher education programs in any university.
3-   To study the educational conditions of the community and to treat problems, according to the Islamic thought and the modern educational methods, and to support the intellectual educational movement and revitalize it.
4-   To improve the cooperation with the Ministry of Education in Palestine in the fields of job training and implementing educational research and studies, that will develop the educational knowledge.
The philosophy and objectives of the program has been developed on the basis of the philosophy and objectives of the University and the Faculty of Science.
These goals are clear in the University Directory for the year 2007/2008, and the directory of the Faculty of Science.In addition, a detailedbrochure for the program is given to all students admitted to the program.
Objectives of the program are reviewedby the Council of the Department of Mathematics and the Faculty Council, to insure that they keep pace with the accelerated scientific evolution. The syllabus helps students to achieve these goals through giving them a range of courses that develop all essential skills, including experimentation, research, thinking and recruiting computer, and adding scientific values and specialized knowledge needed for them.