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The progress of civilization and the technological development must have a strong mathematical base, which can't be achieved except through conscious generation, capable of creativity and innovation

As Mathematics have the ability to develop thinking, enhance memory with logical analysis and sound understanding, and innovation in other sciences fields, the earlier civilizations, including the Islamic one, had been keen to study Mathematics and improve it, where several Muslim scientist where genius in this field, such as Al Baironi, Thabet Ibn Qurra, Abu Al Banna Al Marakishi, Al Khwarizmi, Ibn Al Haytham and others.


Currently, the Department of Mathematics keen to provide the academic disciplines for the students of Southern Governorate at the southern branch of the University, where the students of Mathematics/Education study until only the third level. Meanwhile, the Department is working to provide the fourth level to graduate the first batch of South Governorate's students next year.